Krankie - lo-fi crank music box with audio recorder & pitch control effects

$ 109.65 $ 129.00


Record a melody in all its glory and unique weirdness. Play it back with pitch control to explore outrageous highs and lows. Flip the switch to keep the fun on repeat.

Krankie is a lo-fi music box that comes with a pre-punched "Happy Birthday" roll, three blank rolls and a hole puncher. 



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      Brooke Blair
      Love it!

      Within an hour of having this my daughter made a custom lullaby for her new baby cousin and I’ve managed to sneak it into a film score. I also love recording lo-fi elements through the onboard mic while using the pitch knob for warping. Such a well made, fun, easy to use instrument! I’m hooked! And the handwritten note in the shipment was something I’ve never seen before from any other company. Truly special. You guys are the best.

      SO so great...

      These are unique, and uniquely creative. In the era when everyone has the same modular synth gear, and the sounds being made with it are unsurprisingly similar, these are hacks to a totally intuitive, hands-on, physical kind of musical and sonic experimentation. Just what the doctor ordered for my creativity.

      Zoowee mama!

      This interesting little gadget is just what I needed to get out of a stall in creativity! It's super fun and whimsical!


      I love my Krankie so much! I got one for Christmas and haven’t been able to leave it alone since! It’s beautifully constructed and has a wonderfully unique sound! I definitely recommend this product for any musician you know!

      Lone Resident
      Implements of joy

      Who doesn't need a magic box in their life? If you believe the hype, these are the darkest of days. I disagree, and Richard's beautifully made and otherworldly sounding boxes and gadgets represent hard proof that joy and fun are alive and well and want you to come out and play. Pick one and put a smile on your ears.