DIY Recorder Gadget with Looper Switch | Brand New Noise

$ 70.00


This DIY kit is a perfect craft project in under an hour. Build this Brand New Noise voice recorder gadget with looper switch. Record your voice, play it back with pitch control and explore outrageous highs and lows. Flip a switch and put the new sound on repeat. Let the fun begin!

For the detailed DIY instructions, click here.

Customer Reviews

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Kerry Singleton
DIY kit is awesome!

I received my do it yourself kit today and put it together in a half hour. Simple and easy to do. Now I can annoy my wife with endless loops of goofy!

Super fun!

I bought two of these kits for the birthdays of my 7 year-old twins. I did a lot of the assembly but they enjoyed helping. They have been cheerfully terrorizing everyone in the house with them every day for the past two weeks.

Fun to build, even more fun to have around

Have had one of these for almost 5 years now - and never had to change the battery! (Well, might do soon, sound is getting a tad soft.) Me and the kids (currently aged 3 and 8) treat it like a beautiful old book - it's a happy object to have around, and every now and then we'll pick it up and get lost in it again. Great for long/short car trips too.

Very awesome DIY experience

This was so fun to construct with my 11-year-old daughter. A younger child could manage it with help, too. After it was built she had a blast making recordings and using the looper to play them back at different speeds! Shipping and customer service experience also excellent.

Extraordinary service, Endless fun

The lower cost of this kit let me order each of my kids their own Loopy Lou so they don’t have to share. And, I know they like the devices even more because they made them themselves!

Right off the bat, I was impressed that my package came with a thoughtful, handwritten note from Richard. Assembly was very easy and my kids — ages 5 and 9 — could do most of the work themselves. We had a couple of small questions as we went through the process. See that little message icon in the corner of the screen? I asked for help and got clear answers instantly, again right from Richard.

The kids are having a blast beginning to discover the endless ways they can use this awesome little box.

I wished for one of these for several years before actually buying one. Would it be worth the money? [yes! the quality is excellent.] Would the kids really play with it? [They definitely do now and I think these could easily go with them to college] Couldn’t I google it and assemble the components on my own? [If you’re like me, maybe you could, but you will never get around to it and even when you do, it will take you 700x the effort to start from scratch.]

Don’t hesitate. This is a fantastic product put out by a phenomenal company.