Loopy Lou

$ 76.00

This handmade wooden voice recorder is designed to effortlessly spark joy, placing pitch control & looper capabilities in the palm of your hand. The built-in microphone will capture your creativity, beatboxing, or joke telling. With the flip of a switch, put your recording on repeat. Take it to the next level without plugging in, no logging on, and no looking at a screen. Anyway you use it, this lo-fi analog gadget will put a smile on your face and brighten everyone’s day! Whether you’re someone who just loves to laugh or a rock star musician, be inspired to take a break from the ordinary & play with the extraordinary Loopy Lou voice recorder. 





  • Kids ages 3 1/2 to Professional Sound Engineers
  • Jokester, Prankster, Sassy eye rolling teen
  • Musicians, soundscape artists,weekend warrior guitar players
  • Your quirkiest artist/designer friends. 
  • Collectors of weird, whimsical toys, guitar pedals, & synths


1. Hold the Red recorder button and talk into the microphone.

2. Flip looper switch left to put your recording on repeat.

3. Press the Black playback/ stop button to hear your recording

4. For pitch control effects, turn knob left to slow down your recording or right to speed it up. Don't turn the knob past the resistance points.



  • Handheld gadget is  4in x 3.25in x 2in
  • 2-AAA batteries included
  • ⅛” output jack for headphones/ speakers/ recording studio gear
  • 30-second record sampler
  • Handmade in USA with sustainable wood