Lil' Mib

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Lil' Mib is a handheld voice recorder designed for you and yours to pass sweet nothings back and forth in the most imaginative way possible!

Record your message into this adorable wooden box, raise the mailbox-style flag and wait for your loved one to discover what Lil' Mib has to say. 


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      Customer Reviews

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      An absolute delight

      So simple, sturdy (!), and satisfying. Can see my daughter using this in so many different ways as she grows up... And loved the handwritten note from Richard!

      Andrew Lee
      Great product!

      This is a delightful product—it’s provided a new and fun way for me to connect and interact with my kids. It has led to many laughs and smiles. Happy to have this in our home.

      Boku Kodama
      Simple and Captivating

      I've been playing with the Lil Mib for a week now leaving messages for my granddaughters. They in turn leave hilarious messages for me. They're 5 and 6 years old so they're old enough to know how to use Lil Mib's functions. Their favorite is singing and playing their musical instruments then playing it back using the pitch control. This device also has a practical side to it : allowing me to leave messages for the family like: "Hey, I'm cooking miso soup tonight." Or, "Can you give a quick sweep in the kitchen. We've got so and so coming over." It's easier and more efficient than writing on paper which I've found gets missed. I originally found this company on Wirecutter which recommended it as a Father Day's gift. I plan on buying a few for the family this Christmas.

      Dylan Rogers
      So great

      I really love this thing. Leaving funny and bizarre messages almost every day on it for my lady and she's always leaving them back. Nice touch with the flag lol. The hand written note was awesome too but a missed opportunity because yall should record your written notes on the recorder instead and just leave a hand written note that says "press the black button" ;)

      Matt Honold

      I only just ordered my lil mib. I have yet to receive it in the mail but I'm excited to get it and give it to my daughter for her 4th birthday and nurture her creative spirit with an awesome intro to recorded sound.

      I'm giving this product a pre-emptive 5 stars because this is obviously a very cool independent business. Bravo to BrandNewNoise for following you dreams, charting your own path, and creating something beautiful in our world! More should follow your lead, or at least support what you do. Or both.

      Also, all the other reviews are 5 stars, so I figured it's a pretty safe bet that the product will a genuine 5-for-5. I might custom paint it, hope that doesn't offend the person who came up with the heart eyes!