Spiro | Voice Recorder Sound Toy With Loop Switch

$ 84.99

Spiro is a fun, intricate design sure to spark joy and creativity. in the palm of your hand. Now you can choose from 5 color options!

Record your voice in all its glory and unique weirdness. Play it back with pitch control to explore outrageous highs and lows. Flip the switch to keep the fun on repeat.

How it works

One button to record. One button to play back. A switch to loop the recording. A knob to distort sound. This recording toy’s simple design makes it easy-to-use for professional musicians and kids. Go on a sonic exploration with friends and family for endless fun. Our hand-made wooden instruments are made for creativity, curiosity and fun.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

So much fun! Shipped quick. Easy to use.

Catherine Creighton
Surprise Christmas hit

Idk why on earth everyone loved this so much - it is so simple - but it created the biggest excitement (more than hoverboards, etc etc). Only wish we had purchased two because the two boys (6&8) fought over this one. 😂😂😂😂 very delightful gift, a bit quirky, will be buying more.

Linda Champagne

This is my 2nd purchase for a child. Wonderful creative and fun recorder. I know the little girl getting this for Christmas with love it! Thank you for the great customer support.

Endless entertainment!

The coolest little thing to record, loop, and sound like a chipmunk or slooooow it down. That’s all you need for some fun little recordings. It has the look and feel of an object that should be displayed. The simple acoustics have an earthy wooden feel that projects well without being too loud, and there’s a 1/8” output Jack. Seems to be made to last and is battery powered! Shipped fast from a cool dude.

James Campbell
Granddaughter is mesmerized

I purchased a Looper Sound Recording Device | Spiro for my 3 year-old granddaughter. Both of her parents are professional musicians and she loves to play with anything that makes noise - the buttons are a bonus. I really appreciate the design and kid-friendly buttons. Thanks for making her smile every time she engages with her Looper.