Phone-Home Xylophone

$ 249.99


Record beautiful melodies onto this lo-fi xylophone and hear them played back for you on repeat with pitch control and delay echo effects. This highly portable, handmade musical instrument is perfect for taking musical ideas with you every day. Go on a sonic journey with the weird and wonderful sounds of the Phone-Home!


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      Get your Phil (on yt)
      Nice work

      I like this device, but to be honest, the metal bar used to strike it that came in the box does not record very well. Instead, I am now using a small wooden mallet from my kid's toy xylophone and it is much more pleasing to hear on playback. I do love this device though. BNN rocks!

      Alfred W. Lawson
      Cool. But backwards.

      Not sure who designed this but the longer bars (lower pitched) should be on the left with the shorter (higher pitched) bars to the right. Maybe they were being “wacky” but it winds up making it counterintuitive and less fun, especially for anyone who’s ever played a xylophone, piano, or any tuned percussion.

      So cool...

      What a great instrument. I'm looking forward to incorporating the Phone Home into my compositions, but in the meantime my children love this thing. What a great way to introduce anyone to looping, recording and the sheer delight of music.

      Lo Fi, Hi Function

      Very intuitive interface makes it perfect for a horror movie’s soundtrack or silly fun.
      Turn pitch knob all the way up to get the lowest possible tweakage, like a 1 track cassette recorder with a looper and delay.
      Sample your favorite funky grooves and pitch them down to achieve elements of the “vaporwave” sound.

      A sample of beatboxing with simple xylophone hits can create an entire song with multiple parts.
      Great with loopers and FX.

      Has been a joy since it arrived!

      John Hell
      Works well with effects

      I plugged my Vox AC30 into the Phonehome along with my headphones and was able to manipulate the xylophone even more! I do wish it could easily plug into my phone to record into Audiobridge or GarageBand though. I’m having a lot of fun regardless.