Rizzo (Pink Lady) | BrandNewNoise | Breast Cancer Awareness

$ 65.00

Handmade. Real Wood. Endless fun.


My friend Jessica Wadkins Maxwell was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and suggested we collaborate on version that would represent those who are in the fight, been through it, or have been effected by it. Jessica said, " I think the whole aura should be superhero chic." 

So welcome Rizzo! Our super hero Pink Lady has her pink ribbon mask and a cape. It's a fun way to leave sweet messages on the bedside, kitchen table or in the hospital.


Proceeds from each sale will go to research for a cure.


For detailed instructions on how BrandNewNoise gadgets work, click here.



  • Kids age 3.5+, adults who can act that age, and everyone in between
  • Jokesters, musicians, toy enthusiasts
  • Lovers of art, design, craft, and quirk.
  • That person that needs a little lift in their day



  • Handheld gadget is 4in x 3.25in x 2in
  • 2-AAA batteries included
  • ⅛” output jack for headphones/ speakers/ recording studio gear
  • 30-second record sampler
  • Handmade in USA with sustainable wood

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