Silver Tooth

$ 60.00

Handmade. Real wood. Endless fun.


Record your voice in all its glory and unique weirdness. Play it back with control and explore outrageous highs and lows. Silver Tooth comes with a fun silver and black knob.


For detailed instructions on how BrandNewNoise gadgets work, click here.


  • Kids 3.5+, adults who can act that age, & everyone in between
  • Jokesters, musicians, toy enthusiasts
  • Lovers of art, design, craft, & quirk


  • Handheld gadget is 4in x 3.25in x 2in
  • 2-AAA batteries included
  • 30-second record sampler
  • 3.5mm output jack for headphones, amplifier, recording studio gear
  • Handmade in USA with sustainable wood


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