We are so proud to be included in The WireCutter's list, "Special Gifts for your Favorite People"! They listed our Ghostly Zoots, a collaboration we did with Ghostly International. While this edition quickly sold out, our Zoots is still available as well as the latest Ghostly collaboration between BrandNewNoise and artist Brandon Locher. Check out that edition here, Looped Visions.

The staff at The Wirecutter and The Sweethome spend all year laser-focused on finding that delicate balance between practicality and quality for our recommendations. And while we believe all of our traditional picks are worthy of gifting, great gifts are on another level. Great gifts feel good to give and to receive—a thoughtful gift to a beloved family member or friend can be whimsical, aspirational, silly, entertaining, delicious, or anything in between. In fact, they can say something special just because they’re a little useless. As Marie Kondo writes, an item has value as long it brings the owner joy. And what better way to spark joy than to find a clever, curious, or beautiful gift for a person close to you that’s a little (or a lot) outside the box?

December 16, 2015 — Richard Upchurch