// style="color: white;" data-mce-style="color: white;">Record.Play.Repeat. style="color: white;" data-mce-style="color: white;">Handmade kalimbas, percussion shakers, xylophones, and other lo-fi instruments with space echo delay effects, looper, pitch control and more. Tactile and engaging for all curious minds. 

Sonic exploration

 From recording professionals to audio hobbyists, our unique, outside-the-norm instruments provide endless creative possibilities. Find a perfect gift for a musician or music-lover in our hand-made wooden instruments and looping devices featuring unique, easy-to-use designs. Looking for toy instruments? Look no further. Cool, unique musician gifts in toy pianos, kalimbas, drums, harmonicas and a music player box designed to inspire curiosity, exploration and fun.


Looking for gifts for a musician in your life or a new device to spark creative flow in the studio? These unique toy instruments come with recorders, audio distorters and loop switches to experience the sonically unexpected. We hand-make our toy instruments and synthesizers in Dallas, Texas, and you can find them in studios and living rooms across the country. Artists like Jeff Tweedy, Brad Paisley and the Lumineers love the way we mix simplicity and creativity in these easy-to-use devices. We think these make the ideal toys for non-musicians as well, if we don’t say so ourselves. So if a sound toy is on your or your loved one’s wishlist, go ahead and explore the offerings here.