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Let's take a look at what all these buttons, knobs, and switches do!

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Reverse the Curse lo-fi audio recording gadget is here! Our handmade, battery powered sound recording device has a built-in mic, speaker, and allows you to record with the touch a button. 

It has pitch control, delay effects, reverse audio switch and continuous loop switch. But wait, there's more you say? That's right! If you hold down the red record button during audio playback, you can use the black control knob to scrub, or scratch (like old school turntable) your recording. Get wild. 

And audio nerds, yes, this baby has a 1/8 stereo audio output jack. 

$ 155.00

Customer Reviews

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Jose Orellana
Love it!

I’m in my 40s and always hunting for gadgets and this is so much fun. Thanks again!

Jo Lucier
Reverse the Curse

Very fun little device, can't put it down. Always keep it nearby to just mess with a little bit. The simplicity and tactility of it all is perfect

Fun and creative

I am always trying new things on the device, it’s so much fun to play with. I don’t see why lots of people have this!

Awesome, fun, incredibly made.

This is my first BNN purchase. And I love it. My wife and I use it to leave messages for each other. Agree it would be nice to have an input so I can play my guitar in to it..

Unique weirdness unlocked

I love this weird little box! My only wish is that there was an audio input, and not just a mike. Glad to be a part of the BNN family!