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Music box with DIY paper rolls. You can create your own music.
King Britt with his BrandNewNoise Instrument, the Krankie, and his collection of synthesizers.
Calling All Musicians

Instruments outside the box

"A tactile and aural reminder that creativity is possible only when the mind is allowed to play". - WireCutter (New York Times)

Audio Engineers, Creatives, synth enthusiasts & kids

two buttons, a knob & a switch

"Take your beatboxing to the next level with the looper voice recorder." - Wired

For the kid in us all

Two buttons & a knob

"It's just so simple... But for the kids who've never used a cassette player, they are endlessly entertaining." - D Magazine

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
I bought 2 of the Player Ones for my granddaughter and her cousin. It's a hands down a favorite for both. I got this one [Zoots] cuz I wanted to be in on the fun too!
— Lousetta Keyes
Customer reviews
So cool...What a great instrument. I'm looking forward to incorporating the Phone Home into my compositions, but in the meantime my children love this thing. What a great way to introduce anyone to looping, recording, and the sheer delight of music.
— Jeremy
Customer reviews
Very intuitive interface makes it perfect for a horror movie’s soundtrack or silly fun. Turn pitch knob all the way up to get the lowest possible tweakage, like a 1 track cassette recorder with a looper and delay. Sample your favorite funky grooves and pitch them down to achieve elements of the “vaporwave” sound. A sample of beatboxing with simple xylophone hits can create an entire song with multiple parts. Great with loopers and FX. Has been a joy since it arrived!
— Dylan

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