Frankie | Voice Record Musical Toy with Delay Effect & Loop Switch

$ 129.99

2 reviews

Record your voice in all its glory and uniqueness. Play it back with pitch control to explore outrageous highs and lows. Flip the switch to keep the fun on repeat. Frankie also comes with two silver knobs that control the delay echo effect for extraterrestrial sonic weirdness.


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How it works

One button to record. One button to play back. A switch to loop the recording. A knob to distort sound. This recording toy’s simple design makes it easy-to-use for professional musicians and kids. Go on a sonic exploration with friends and family for endless fun. Our hand-made wooden instruments are made for creativity, curiosity and fun.

no ordinary monster

Hayden demonstrates how to use his Frankie to get spooky and kooky.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Get your Phil (on yt)
Frankie is fantastic

I got this for my son for his brithday and he loves it. I love it too. It is a conversation stater when people come by and ask what it is. Awesome and creative.


Amazing customer services that’s super responsive. I bought this for my husband as a surprise for his first Father’s Day so I can’t review the product yet but wanted to note the excellent customer service👏🏾