Richard Upchurch is the creator of BrandNewNoise instruments and sound recording devices
BrandNewNoise shop located in Dallas Texas in the Lower Greenville area.
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sound gadgets and other oddball instruments

I made 1 for my nephew. I made 5 for his teachers. I made 10 for my first online store. I am still building today.

Richard Upchurch was born in Tupelo Mississippi. BrandNewNoise was born in Brooklyn New York (Red Hook). They both now live in Dallas Texas.

BrandNewNoise has been featured in Southern Living, Wired Magazine, WireCutter, New York Times, Domino, Forbes, Vogue, D Magazine, Time Out and other publications

In the press

BrandNewNoise has been showcased in these fine publicaitons. Accolades include New York Times Wirecutter best of Father's Day Gift 2022, honors at Museuem of Modern Art in Design, feature profile in Forbes.

I took my love for complicated sound recording gear, recording consoles, synthesizers, guitar pedals, eruo-rack synths, samplers, and worked to build instruments for everyone, not exclusive to professional audio engineers and musicians.

Drawing inspiration from classics like the Casio SK1, Talkboy, YakBack, my childhood turntable, Sony Walkman, and thought about how to recreate some of these memories and experiences.

BrandNewNoise kalimbas, 25 key musical toy piano, xylophone, tongue drum and sound recording devices are designed for a hands-on experience for all. Come one, come all - kids, audio engineers, modular synthesizer enthusiasts, and anyone who's ever seen a knob they just had to turn. For those looking to add to their gear look no further.

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