Tongue Drum with built in delay effects

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This simple 8 note steel tongue drum with record and continuous playback switches, pitch control knob, and delay effects is all you need to start exploring "outer space". As with all BrandNewNoise instruments and audio recorders, the tongue drum simple to play, lo-fi sound and effects, and designed to inspire music and creativity for all kids, audio and mixing engineers, synthesizer addicts, and musicians of all abilities. 

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Easily my favorite

I have 7 BNN instruments and this is easily my favorite. The tones you can get when pitching this down are tremendous. If I record at 100% to right, then put pitch to the middle, it gives me a perfect octave down to play over the loop live and in key. I can't tell you how happy I am with this.

Only one gripe with any of the instruments. I have not tried it with this particular one yet, but the audio out on my Frankie seems to crackle a ton. I think upgrading the audio out would be worth the added cost, as running these through an amp/effects pedals would be awesome. Again, I have only tried it on the Frankie, but that would be my one piece of constructive advice (I don't want to say criticism, because this thing is amazing).

Thank you for being creative and making something that is just plain fun.

This thing ROCKS!!

Not my 1st BNN instrument but definitely one of my favorites! As usual, the item was well packed and shipped fast. Communication is great! The drum has a great sound and is very fun/inspiring to play! Not having used a tonge drum in the past, it was nice to be able to have fun and create musical arrangements without much practice. Cant wait to get a chance to take this out and connect it to my PO33. Thanks Richard or all you do!