The Loft Chicago, Wilco's recording studio, recently posted about having a bunch of BrandNewNoise musical instruments and audio recorders to use in various ways. 

They said "We have a bunch of these totally fun sound boxes at the Loft made by @brandnewnoise and we find uses all the time. They are mostly little handheld voice recorders with tiny embedded microphones that have simple controls that add delay and mess with the speed and pitch of the captured audio. Each box is a little different. You can make weird loops or make your voice sound demonic. I keep this one (the Frankie model) at my desk for when I get scam credit card calls. I record myself saying 'Hello?' then unleash the altered and slowed down loop of the same 'hello' until the asswipe trying to scam me hangs up. Live life to the fullest."




Richard Upchurch