The Loft, Wilco's recording studio in Chicago has an incredible collection of rare instruments, recording gear, and oddities. So it's been a great honor to see the band collecting BrandNewNoise throughout the years. 

Wilco recently added the Toy Piano with reverse audio switch to their instrument collection and said,

"Here at the Loft, we often times find it can be a very fine line between 'tool' and 'toy'. And...well, in life too, really. This is precisely the territory Richard Upchurch at BrandNewNoise treads in the creation of his oddball handmade sound machines. We have loads of them here at the Loft that are used to create fun and nutty audio loops, to crack ourselves up with saved and sped up audio, and as I've mentioned here before, as a great tool to mess with spam callers. This new modded electronic toy piano, though, has so many possibilities, I have a feeling we may never find the limits of its potential. It's a new to the Loft and hasn't been called into I look forward to the gang exploring it to the fullest."

The Loft Chicago, Wilco's recording studio adds BrandNewNoise toy piano to their collection of musical instruments


Jeff Tweedy has been seen using his BrandNewNoise music box on The Tweedy Show, a livestream @stuffinourhouse, Susan Tweedy's Instagram account showcasing, well, stuff in their house. If you're lucky enough, Jeff might sing Happy Birthday to you using his Krankie!

People often ask, "What, or how rather, is BrandNewNoise used in the studio?" I have always said they are to help people break up the their workflow, think outside the box. Yes get used on records (and they get used quite a lot) for that odd sample or sound you've been looking for but can't quite find.  But we often get stuck in a creative rut so BrandNewNoise can be perfect tools to shake things up. Tools and toys to just allowing yourself to play, be silly, or stop overthinking your studio gear for moment.
"Currently Jeff has four or five of these [BrandNewNoise voice recorders] sitting right around where he likes to record. They are all pre-loaded with funny words or sentences sped up to Smurf speed. Now if there's ever a moment in conversation that needs puncuation with a tiny goblin grunting "Kiss my grits!!!", or even a  moment that doesn't need it, Jeff has many options at his fingertips.
Richard Upchurch