Rachy (Rachmaninoff) | Toy Piano Recorder with Delay and Reverse Effect

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Experience the piano in a brand new way. The 25-key toy instrument records a 30 second sample of your music and features a playback speed control knob and repeat switch. It doesn’t stop there with delay echo effects and now we've added reverse. With the flip of a switch, play your recording backwards!

Handmade from sustainable Garnica plywood, the simple instrument is perfect for recording studios, a budding pianist’s playroom and more. It’s a perfect gift for a musician, with a simple interface and easy-to-use controls. Hit record, play your tune, then play it back on repeat with the speed or delay effect you want. Spark your creativity, curiosity and joy with this toy instrument. 

 The Rachy Toy Piano Audio Recorder Features

  • 25 key toy piano
  • 30 second audio sampler
  • Playback speed control/audio distorter
  • Delay effects
  • Repeat/Loop switch
  • Reverse switch 
  • Sustainable Garnica plywood
  • 1/8 inch / 3.5mm output jack 
How it works

One button to record. One button to play back. A switch to loop the recording. A knob to distort sound. This recording toy’s simple design makes it easy-to-use for professional musicians and kids. Go on a sonic exploration with friends and family for endless fun. Our hand-made wooden instruments are made for creativity, curiosity and fun.

Happy Birthday Song

A full run down of all the buttons, switches, knobs and audio effects on Rachy toy piano.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Harry Matthews
two of the coolest mad scientist-like instruments ever!

As the title says the 2 instruments I bought, the loopy Lou and the piano are two of the coolest mad scientist-like instruments I've ever played with. since getting them they have made their wy right into my recording studio and onto some recordings where they stand out as something cool, and sweetly original sounding. as equally enjoyable by adults as by kids and built very well. Looking forward to many mores hours and days playing with the endlessly unique sounds that can be made by them. Thanks Richard!

Gianmarco Nagni
Great instrument and outstanding service!

This is wonderful, incredibly ingenious and full of possibilities! I want to spend some words for Richard for their outstanding service and care to support their customers - thank you so much!

Jason Harnell
Toy piano is unbelievable!

I’m huge BrandNewNoise fan! I own several BNN instruments and recently purchased the Toy Piano to add to my collection. It’s nothing short of incredible! So many sonic possibilities!! Thanks, Richard for your unique artistic vision and ingenuity. Your creations are truly one of a kind, my friend. Thank you!

Griffin Richardson
Nearly perfect

These instruments juet keep getting better and better. Lots of fun for both me and my 13-year old.


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