Zoots | Kalimba Recorder Repeater

$ 94.99

This New York Times Wirecutter pick is well loved by many. In fact, we love these instruments so much, we made one with a recording audio sampler, playback speed control and a repeat switch, so you can hear your tune over and over. Also known as the thumb piano, the Kalimba is a West African instrument easy to learn and difficult to master.

We think the Zoots kalimba makes a perfect gift for a music-lover, budding musician or music professional. You might have heard the Zoots kalimba on the Lego Movie soundtrack, or in recordings by Death Cab for Cutie, Toro y Moi, or Mark Mothersbaugh? the highly portable, handmade wooden instrument is perfect for taking musical ideas on the go. Play your melodies fast, slow, and even on repeat.

Zoots Kalimba Audio Recorder Features:

  • 6 Kalimba keys
  • 30 second audio sampler recorder
  • Playback speed control/audio distorter
  • Repeat/Loop switch
  • 1/8 inch / 3.5mm output jack
How it works

One button to record. One button to play back. A switch to loop the recording. A knob to distort sound. This recording toy’s simple design makes it easy-to-use for professional musicians and kids. Go on a sonic exploration with friends and family for endless fun. Our hand-made wooden instruments are made for creativity, curiosity and fun.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Absolutely well made and pretty cash money! Super fun gizmo that sparks creativity!

So much fun

I like singing a loop then playing the zoot over it. So much fun

Hand Pan Mermaid
Love the Zoot Kalimba

Thank you so much love the note on the order form very cool. Yes I love the Zoot Kalimba! Great sound when recording my son loves it too! I created unboxing on tic tok too so check it out! Easy to use and we record our voices same time kalimba music very cool small light too. Thank you I order more instruments well ever need promoting I can unbox on my Tic Tok channel let me know !

Lousetta Keyes
I finally had to buy one for my place!

I have bought 2 of the player one's for my granddaughter and her cousin. It is a hands down favorite for both.

I got this one for our place cuz I want to be in on the fun too!

Chris Lee
Great gifts for loved ones!

I've known about Brand New Noise for a long time but finally decided to get the Zoots for my music teacher brother-in-law and the Ready Player One for my niece who loves singing. Ordering online was a snap, shipping took no time at all, and amazingly these little guys survived being tossed over the fence next to my door. I was glad the batteries were included cuz all I needed to do to check they were undamaged was turn em on, make a little noise, make a little more noise cuz obviously these things are fun, then put em back in the box and wrap em up! Definitely some well-built gizmos that will hopefully keep my relatives entertained for hours.